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With today more than 150 working telematics integrations, more than 200000, monitored shipments per month, and more than 60 million processed positions per day, we offer a solution that can be fully integrated within your own solutions. More information: https//www.eurotracs.com.:
Alpega Webinar: Why implement a TMS Supply Chain Movement.
This event has passed. Alpega Webinar: Why implement a TMS. Tuesday 23 June 2020 1600h: 1700h.: Webinar: Everything you need to know about Transportation Visibility. SCM Webinar: Journey to the self-driving supply chain. If you are looking for ways to digitize and improve your supply chain, you may have heard about Transport Management Solutions TMS.
Teleroute en de Alpega Group Teleroute.
Sinds 1 oktober 2017 draagt WKTS de officiële naam Alpega. Alpega verenigt onder de huidige merknaam verschillende software-oplossingen: Transwide Charger TMS, Teleroute Europese vrachtbeurs, BursaTransport Roemeense vrachtbeurs en 123cargo vrachtbeurs voor Midden, Oost en Zuid-Europa. Alpega is de enige aanbieder van on-demand software en transportbeheerdiensten die aan alle optimalisatie, plannings en beheereisen van expeditiebedrijven, logistieke dienstverleners en verladers voldoen.
Alpega TMS brings together the expertise of inet and transwide Latest press releases PressGo Journalism.co.uk.
Press Release Alpega TMS brings together the expertise of inet and transwide. Two of the markets leading solutions have merged to form a unique, scalable transportation management system, designed to evolve alongside business needs. Posted: 7 April 2020. 7th April 2020 Vienna Alpega Group announces Alpega TMS, a union of inet and Transwides cloud-based Transportation Management Systems.
Alpega TMS Reviews, Ratings, and Features Gartner 2021.
Photo: Business Wire. Alpega TMS est la combinaison de deux des solutions les plus innovantes, les mieux établies et les plus fiables du marché. inet est depuis longtemps une solution de confiance pour les entreprises ayant des besoins très complexes et spécifiques en matière de chaîne dapprovisionnement.
Alpega neemt TenderEasy over TTM.nl.
TenderEasy is specialist in tendering software. Alpega, opgericht in 2017, biedt volledige oplossingen aan voor alle transportbehoeften en omvat onder meer de Transport Management Systems TMS Transwide, Inet en TAS-tms, en de vrachtbeurzen Teleroute, Bursa Transport en 123Cargo. Met de overname van TenderEasy breidt Alpega het productportfolio strategisch verder uit en versterkt het de geografische reikwijdte van de Alpega Group.
Alpega TMS And Shippeo Announce Global Strategic Partnership.
With visibility playing an increasingly essential role in transportation management, the Alpega TMS and Shippeo partnership enables increased levels of operational excellence for shippers, providing critical tracking milestones and the ability to better measure and improve their transportation management processes.
Alpega TMS vs. Oracle Transportation Management Comparison IT Central Station.
Alpega TMS is rated 0.0, while Oracle Transportation Management is rated 0.0. On the other hand, Alpega TMS is most compared with, whereas Oracle Transportation Management is most compared with SAP Transportation Management, Blue Yonder RedPrairie Transportation Management, MercuryGate Mojo, Manhattan Transportation Lifecycle Management and Kuebix TMS.
TenderEasy partners with the Alpega Group.
This combines the freight tendering solution of TenderEasy with the TMS of Alpega to provide its customers with a seamless user experience when using several products of the Group. TenderEasy management is looking forward to accelerate the growth and expansion of the Group together with Alpega.

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